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The Legal Process to Change Your Name in Florida

Step 1: Determine the new name

Step 2: Complete the Petition for Name Change provided by FloridaLegalSource

Step 3: Go a local law enforcement agency to be properly fingerprinted

Step 4: File the Petition for Name Change along with the fingerprint card with the Clerk of Court in the county where the person requesting the name change resides

Step 5: Pay the filing fee (the filing fee differs depending on the county where the name change is filed)

Step 6: The Court will set a hearing for the final consideration of the Petition for Name Change. This is also an opportunity for any interested persons or parties to be heard concerning the request for name change.

Step 7: The Court issues the Order authorizing the name change or denying the request for the name change. (Typically, if the Court finds that the legal requirements have been satisfied in the petition and does not find any reasonable objections, the Court will issue an Order authorizing the name change).


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