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Move-in Move-out Checklist

Leave It As You Find It”

Your real estate is one of your most important investments. When someone else is occupying the premises, you need to be especially careful to safeguard your investment as well as lower any risk of loss. Since a lease agreement usually states that a landlord may withhold part or all of a security deposit due to issues that arise when a tenant vacates the premises - such as damages to the property and the cost for cleaning the premises - disputes may often arise between a landlord and tenant concerning whether these things were caused by the tenant. A Move-In Move-Out Condition Form can help avoid such possible disputes while protecting both the landlord’s and tenant’s rights as well as costs.

To alleviate possible disputes, the landlord and tenant should conduct a walk-though inspection before occupancy using a checklist to note the condition of the premises as well as any existing damage. At the end of the lease, the landlord and tenant should use this same marked checklist in a walk-through inspection noting any changes in the condition of the premises as well as any damage not noted during the initial inspection.

FloridaLegalSource provides a Move-In Move-Out Condition Form for use as an aid to the landlord and tenant for walk-through inspections. The form is designed to be used for inspections before the tenant moves in as well as inspections when the tenant moves out. The form provides an extensive list of items covering every item and every aspect of the dwelling (everything from the mailbox to the doorknob to every facet of every room).

FloridaLegalSource not only provides the Move-In Move-Out Condition Form, but also provides general information about landlord-tenant duties and responsibilities as they pertain to walk-through inspections, return of security deposits, as well as maintenance responsibilities, and gives answers to many frequently asked questions.

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