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General Warranty Deed

"This Land Was My Land, This Land Is Your Land"

A General Warranty Deed is a legal document in which a property owner (called the grantor) transfers all rights in a piece of property to another person (called the grantee). A General Warranty Deed is not used to transfer rights or interests in personal property, but rather a General Warranty Deed transfers rights in real property such as land or a building like a house, townhouse, or condominium. In essence, a General Warranty Deed is used to convey an interest in real estate.

A General Warranty Deed is used in most transfers of real estate and offers the greatest protection of any deed. A General Warranty Deed guarantees that the title conveyed by the grantor is good, that the transfer is rightful, and that there are no liens or encumbrances on the property subject to the transfer of ownership. A General Warranty Deed includes a promise by the person making it (the grantor) that he/she will defend the grantee (the person getting the property) from any and all claims of others concerning the property.

Preparing and filing a General Warranty Deed can be time-consuming and expensive. FloridaLegalSource makes it easy and inexpensive to prepare and file a General Warranty Deed in order to transfer interests and rights in real property located in Florida.

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