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Florida Legal Source provides you with the necessary information, legal documents, legal forms, describes legal procedures, and answers frequently asked questions concerning an array of legal matters in Florida. So, whether you are getting a divorce, making a will, changing your name, expunging a criminal record, transferring property, suing someone in small claims court, have issues with a landlord or a tenant, or have other legal needs or matters, Florida Legal Source provides you with the tools to handle the legal matter yourself for the fraction of the cost of hiring an attorney.

Simply choose the legal area that addresses your issue. Read the general description and review the Resource Guide which provides more detailed information and answers many frequently asked questions. Then select the purchase option to download the packet with the necessary legal documents and forms for your legal issue. Along with the documents and forms, you also receive information to assist you in completing them, as well as information regarding other matters such as filing the documents with clerk and court and serving the other party with the papers.

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